KP Law launches sports investment fraud & mis-selling action

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Many sportsmen and sportswomen in England & Wales have been defrauded by unscrupulous financial advisors and banks – often losing fortunes as a result. At KP Law, we have launched an action to raise awareness of this issue and help victims of sports fraud get back the money stolen from them.

What is this case all about?

Professional sportspeople put their body and soul into becoming the very best they can be. And, because getting to the top takes everything they have, they often rely on professional advisors to look after them in other areas.

However, thousands of sportsmen and women have put their trust in the wrong people.

Persuaded to invest in risky, unregulated, and unsuitable investment schemes involving wine, movies, property, or other such ventures, promises of big returns did not materialise. Instead, victims of sports fraud are facing losses ranging from a few thousand to millions of pounds.

Keen to right this wrong, at KP Law, we are helping professional athletes who have fallen victim to financial scams get their money back.

If you were encouraged to invest in a toxic or illegal investment scheme, you might have a compensation claim

You could have been defrauded if:

  • You have lost a significant amount of money in an investment, even if you saw an initial profit.
  • You were persuaded to invest into high-risk and exotic investments such as overseas property, wine, commodities, cryptocurrency or unlisted shares, and have lost money or can’t access your investments.
  • You were targeted by unscrupulous professional advisors because of your high net worth.
  • The negligence of your financial advisor has (or could have) made you worse off in life.
  • Your advisers failed to explain the risk, fees, charges, and details of any investments recommended.

Make a sports investment fraud or mis-selling claim

We believe that those affected by sports fraud could be owed hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more. We make the process of claiming back what you are due straightforward. It is free to contact us and takes only a few minutes.

With a deep understanding of, and extensive experience in fraud claims, our expert team has everything it takes to win. What’s more, the strength of our firm ensures that we never have to back down from a challenge. We also work with our clients’ accountants, new financial advisers, and agents to identify and combat fraud or mis-sold investments, and to recover money.

Advisors to politicians, sportspeople, sports agents, and clubs on sports fraud, we know what it takes to make a winning case.

We act on a strict no-win, no-fee basis, so, as our client, you will not pay us anything upfront.

KP Law is also working with a range of partners, affiliates, and other organisations in the fight against sports fraud. We are proud to support the Investment Fraud All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) fighting investment fraud in sport. We have also partnered with Phoenix Sport & Media Group to provide financial education workshops and anti-fraud presentations to professional sportsmen and women across the UK.

Contact us at with your details and our team will be in touch.

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